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Taizhou Huang Yanding security equipment co., LTD . is located Huangyan, Taizhou well known as "China mold town", near Huangyan Airport, G15 Highway, Taizhou Railway Station and the Haimen Port, very convenient location and transportation.

We are a high-tech company specializing in producing vehicle warning lights, alarms, LED display lights. As a production base of set of warning lights accessories, we supply varieties of items according to requirements of our clients from different countries and regions, for those domestic and foreign enterprises with certain production capacity, we are able to provide them our complete sets of production equipment.

Product Quality: We are certified by Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and our products are strictly compliance with National Security Product Technical Standard

We trust the principle of “being honest and faithful, pioneering and innovative" , We are in leading position in the industry for new product development capability. On the basis of our experience, we train successfully outstanding technical personnel and management team and come up with new product solutions for our customers’different needs. With our talents, innovative products, perfect after-sales service, we create first-class quality, and focus on customer satisfaction.

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